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About Dave Shorter Real Estate

Dave Shorter Real Estate is a boutique firm that specializes in providing unparalleled service focused on the most important aspects of buying or selling real estate:

-Value. Whether buying or selling, this is the foundation of real estate. My firm has a depth of experience, and level of precision that is unique to the industry.

-Education. I founded my firm with the first principle that all of my clients are like family, and that each bond is forever. I aim to empower all of my clients with an understanding and keen perspective of real estate that will provide them with a lifetime of wealth-building opportunities.

-The Process. My firm has experience on all sides of real estate transactions, from lending to appraisal. All of the steps in the process are carefully explained to demystify the experience, and we employ best-in-class technology to make the process as seamless as possible.

I have honed my VET system (Value, Education, Process) over the 29+years I have been in the real estate industry. The breadth of my experience and knowledge spans multiple fields within the real estate space.

I begin my career in the real estate business as a real estate appraiser – as such, I am keenly aware of property value. For buyers, that means being able to explain, in great detail, the value of a home based upon comparable sales, market temperature, etc. For my buyer clients, I always prepare a detailed analysis of recent sales of comparable homes in the area, and develop a potential range of values for homes that are of interest to my clients. For sellers, it means a deep dive into the value of your home, or investment property, and figuring out how to achieve the highest possible price for the sale of your home.

For a great majority of my clients, financing is necessary to purchase a home. Another part of the package I offer is being able to assist the bank’s real estate appraiser with comps and value adjustments that justify the price being paid for the home.

I also have extensive experience in real estate lending. I have personally done several hundred million dollars in residential real estate loans. I have a deep knowledge of the lending and banking, and am able to walk my clients through the process along with the mortgage banker, broker or bank of my clients’ choice. I also have loads of fantastic contacts within the banking and mortgage business, so fantastic referrals are just a phone call away.

I also have an MBA from UCLA, with a specialization in finance. Clients, whether experienced investors, or first-time home buyers, are given a deeper insight into the numbers and how their real estate purchase fits into their overall financial picture. I always like to prepare my clients for both current and future purchases and to educate them on the fundamental principles of growing wealth through real estate.

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